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How does TraceDock's Cookieless data collection work?

In Denmark and Belgium, over 30% of all users reject the cookie consent.
You can recover your data with TraceDock Cookieless: A privacy-proof service compliant to the Danish Cookie Order, Belgian DPA Cookie Guidance and EU ePrivacy Directive.

TraceDock can be set up to work with and without consent.

If consent is given for the use of cookies, TraceDock will set a first-party cookie containing a persistent ID. This ID can be used to track the user across pageviews and sessions and make sure your attribution model is correctly populated.

In this case, protection against browsers’ and ad blocker tracking prevention is initiated:

  • Extension of first-party cookies (Safari browser)
  • Forwarding anonymized data by applying a custom TraceDock cookie (Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Samsung Internet, and more)


Consent is given: First-party data collection
Only if consent is given: First-party cookie will be applied

If consent is given, a first party cookie, is placed by TraceDock. This means that the user can not (and will not) be tracked across the internet. Only their activity on the website (in first party context) can be stitched together. Because no personally-identifiable information is forwarded and the IP address is anonymized, the data is for statistical purposes only.

If consent is rejected for the use of cookies, TraceDock will generate a privacy-friendly server-side ClientID that can be used for first-party web analytics. This client ID hash is based on the user IP address, User Agent and website URL.

Being a hash, the value is unique but cannot be decrypted back to the original value. As such a hash value of these is fully GDPR compliant and safeguards the privacy of your users.

In this case, the use of cookies is not allowed. So TraceDock Cookieless will be initiated: ​

  • Get full insights in attribution modelling & user journeys within Google Analytics
  • By using a server-side hash instead of client-side cookies: irreversible (one-way), thus anonymized and privacy-proof​
  • A transparent solution: all actions are viewable the in TraceDock user portal. No black box.​


Consent is rejected: Cookieless data collection

If you have more questions about how TraceDock Cookieless works, reach out to our support team on [email protected].